Friday, 2 November 2012

What would the old bats say?

So what would the old bats say?

Thought I'd share this with you - a light, yet rather wise, way to end the week .... My awesome friend came up with this idea recently and we find we are using it more and more when we are feeling unsure when making a decision. 
"So, what would the old bat(s) say?" This is the question we ask ourselves when we are faced with a situation and are unsure how to go forward. The old bats we are referring to here are our older selves (ha!ha!) and the idea is that we consider what advice our older selves would give us, with their hindsight, if they were able to connect with us in the situation where we are currently struggling to make a decision.
What we are really doing, is that we tapping into our own innate wisdom, perhaps even the wisdom of the old crone, we are really connecting to ourselves.  We are connecting to what, on a gut level, feels right for us and we use their wisdom that we tap into through this process to support us now.
We like to keep the energy light (because of course - we picture ourselves as outrageous old bats - who no longer give a sh** what anyone else thinks!) Sometimes the responses are hilarious, and the old bats can be downright rude and crude. And sometimes, the insights we get have the wisdom of the ages and are given with the greatest love. And yes sometimes we are unsure - probably because we let our heads muddy the water!
And through working with this light, fun energy, I am so often struck by how I know the answer in my gut, how I do have that wisdom inside of me anyway and perhaps it is through keeping the energy light that I am able to access this wisdom and connect with what FEELS right  for me.  We have also come to realise how much we take ourselves too seriously, and that while what we are grappling with can seem to be so huge right now, that in the grand scheme of life, it'll feel like a molehill!!
So what does YOUR old bat have to say?
And the message that I'm getting from my old bat right now is "Kim. what the hell are you still doing at your computer - go and enjoy your weekend!!"
 With the greatest love
Till next time
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