Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Good, good, good vibrations!!

Good, good, good vibrations!! (can you hear the Beach Boys singing?!! - it's an age thing!!)

I have mulled this post over for some time before writing it because I am not sure if I am able to be clear on what I want to say...and so I may as well get going with it and see where it takes us......
I so love it when the book or the person with the messages that you need right now, just happen in your life - I find that keeps happening more and more for me. So....I have been doing a fair bit of reading and also having some quite intensive discussions with various people about taking action and what it really means.  I think many of us feel that we should be constantly taking action and doing, doing, doing till eventually things start happening the way we want them to happen.... or not... And it is in the reading and discussing that I have been doing, that I feel that I am getting another dimension to this - that unless, if how I am feeling about myself is positive and more in alignment with who I really am, then my vibration is going to negatively impact what I am trying to do. And out of this, all the action in the world is not going to effect any huge changes, things will feel like a struggle and it's going to feel as though I am paddling up-stream (metaphorically speaking of course). 
So unless my vibrations are in a space where I feel great about me and about what I want to do, I am going to meet constant obstacles, get stuck and sometimes even feel like I am going backwards.  If I can somehow change my feelings of fear or anger or irritability or any emotion that we perceive as negative (more about that shortly) to one of feeling good about myself, then my vibration changes and I am able to go with the flow of life and quickly things become easier, more accessible and I don't have to work so hard.  In that space, the action is then inspired, does not feel like something I have to do and miracles start to happen and I'm going downstream.
So the big question is "So how do I change how I am feeling, especially when I am in a shitty space and it's hard to feel good?" This is where I got a  lot out of Esther Hick's book, "The Astonishing Power of Emotions". What I realise is that I need to be aware of how I am feeling - and in that space of awareness to ask myself, "What's actually going on?" Then when I accept where I am at (for me, acceptance is key), I can then look at changing what I want ti change.  Before I carry on, I want to create some clarity about what we call negative emotions.  For me these negative emotions are direction indicators - they are telling me that I'm off track, that I'm going "upstream" and that I'm out of alignment with myself.  They are necessary because without the discomfort they bring, I would keep on getting the same old results and not know why they don't change.
So, in the awareness of where I am at and seeing that how I am feeling is not serving me, I can then start changing how I feel.  And to do this, I look at what I am thinking, and I gently start shifting what I am thinking. And as I start to consciously think more positive thoughts I start shifting how I am feeling and I feel my energy begin to shift - I'm moving into those good, good, good vibrations!! I find it easier (more believeable) to work through this slowly, so that I shift from the very negative, to something slightly less negative, less, negative, slightly more positive, more positive...... you get the drift ( it can be done in a matter of minutes) until I am working in the space of anything is possible. I find  that doing this gently keeps that critical, "yeah, right" voice quiet and am able to powerfully shift my energy.  And suddenly, I can breathe easier, life doesn't seem so hard and I find that I am going "downstream", things flow, ideas flow, the right people come into my life, I don't have to struggle at all, and I feel connected to myself and life is really good!
Simple - YES!  Easy - not always, AND it can be - it's as simple as changing your mind! I do find that when the "negative" feelings are more intense, that they are often old patterns that I have to to grapple with. However, I am aware that the more aware I am and the more I accept and work with these feelings, the quicker it is and easier it becomes for me to shift my energy.  And this is a constant process - Life will throw us these challenges and it is through how we are in alignment with ourselves and are able to correct our course, that life become effortless!!
And that's it for now, on this beautiful summer's day in my part of the world(downstream thought!!)
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With the greatest love

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