Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Comfort of Discomfort

The Comfort of Discomfort

I am one of those people who haven’t really held much store by setting goals in the past.  I think particularly of those New Year’s resolutions that I have set that have really been out the window by the 15th of Jan!!  Totally useless and ineffective!! AND there are so many theories out there… don’t make the goal too big otherwise you might fail, or don’t make it too small otherwise you won’t stretch yourself……and so on and so on…
And I have to say that I am now something of a convert of setting goals.  When I look back at the goals that I set when I was on Change Starts With Me last year and where they took me and how effortlessly I achieved them and where I am right now with the goals I am working with.  I am clear that I have gone with my gut and am working with them in a way that works with me.  I have read quite a bit about working with goals and am really working with what resonates with me.
About 3 weeks ago I made a statement on this blog that I had set some goals and that one of my goals was to stick to my “rituals” I had created out of my reading.  Well, I am having a whole lot of fun in the discomfort that the focus on goals has brought me.  Firstly I am really excited with what I have achieved - I have achieved at least 6 of the goals I had set myself (and there is a lengthy list) – remember that they are all short-term goals – some of them achieved  before the date I had set and some of them on the date and some of them I had to adjust the date.  Another aspect that has amazed me is the opportunities that have opened up for me in such unexpected ways, or I have found that things that have been lying dormant have been re-activated and lots of action is happening around them.  My days have taken on a whole different dimension.
I have set goals in all aspects of my life and yes I am being moved out of my comfort zone in each and every one of those areas – some of it feels good, some of it is very uncomfortable.  What I am finding is that in my discomfort, I am learning more about myself and finding that I can manage that discomfort and not let it overwhelm me and actually use that discomfort to move myself away from where I have been so that I am in the process of creating something a whole lot different..  It brings up this determination to change what I am experiencing and make it work for me in a whole different way.
Perhaps the biggest shift  and most soul satisfying shift for me is in my personal energy – in how I am experiencing myself and  in how others are experiencing me.  I find that people are responding to me in a more connected way. In some ways it feels like I am more open and in that I draw people to me – more and more I find that strangers just start talking to me when we’re standing in queues or are walking around at the shops.  I can feel this shift in energy in a very tangible way.  I have this very definite experience of stepping into my power AND I also have this quiet assurance that I WILL make my goals happen – that my life is on a whole new exciting tack. AND in that I am making my life work at a whole different level (and yes there is a whole lot that still needs to shift and be worked through BUT the shifts are happening).   I am feeling grounded and there is a solidness to that feeling  that is very reassuring.  There’s a KNOWING that comes when I stand in my own power that gives me a space to really work with the discomforts that come up when I shift out of my comfort zone in a powerful, energetic way.  I find that I am finding ways to meet my goals in creative ways, using solutions that I would not normally have thought of.  I find that I am less resistant to other ideas from others – new ground for someone who lives in her head, so will look to analyse why something can or can’t work, instead of just seeing them as opportunities…..

One of the main reasons for doing this exercise was to see how I could make my life work differently.  And it is already working a whole lot differently in ways that are new and exciting and unexpected – am really looking forward to see what happens over the next couple of weeks as more of my goal deadlines approach.  And the comfort in all the discomfort is that things ARE changing for me in exciting ways and that I am in touch with aspects of myself that have been dormant for so long – this is all very powerful stuff which creates such shifts of energy that my life can no longer be what it was!!! I am also working at taking it to a whole new level – not just as a “let’s see where this takes me”, rather as a “how can I really make meaningful change in my life”…. So to sum it all up – yes, working with goals really works for me and in all of this change I am loving who I am being in this space I have created……..

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With the greatest love - till next time