Saturday, 15 December 2012

Savouring the Journey


Savouring the Journey

I have allowed my life to be too busy lately to write my blog (which I love doing ) and was just wondering what that was about..... was it that I wasn't sure what to share?.... was it that I didn't want to share?.... was it that there are things happening that I have made more important?.....and out of this wondering I have now created the time to write....
And as I begin writing I realise that I am in a space of really savouring my journey. I have so many delicious things happening in my life right now - so delicious that the shitty things fade into the background (because by god, the shit does keep coming) - special things, and I am aware that I am taking the time to look at, and appreciate, and linger over what is happening right now..... it is those amazing, soul satisfying conversations that are happening more and more, it's the exploring of wonderous new connections and the beauty of old re-connections, it's the support that is coming to me in such a variety of forms (even my youngest son is seeing them and commenting on them), it's the exploring of new directions, it's the redefining of existing relationships, it's having time to spend with my loved ones, it's sundowners on Kommetjie beach........... these are the things that make my life rich, these are the things that feed my soul. And I realise that there are some things that are happening that feel so precious and so deeply sacred that I am not ready to share them yet... that I want to nuture them and give them space to flourish, as I know they are having a profound impact at a such a deep level for me in a way that I have only dreamed of..... sounds good, right?!!! And I realise that in this space of reflection that I am in a space of feeling really settled in myself, that I am in a state of quiet, yet joyous wonder, no matter what is coming my way.
And it's in this space of savouring my journey that I see the magic happening, not the KABOW in your face magic but the gentle, deep, knowing kind of wise magic, that lets me connect with me, where I am consciously taking the time to be aware of where I am at, to look at what is going on and to ENJOY - with that lingering sense that savouring brings - the beauty of what is happening in my life right now. 
I see how it has been necessary for me to create the space of reflection out of the busy-ness of my journey, to take the time to relish and delight in the special things that are nourishing me and to feel most of all the thing which we all yearn for - LOVE.... Love for myself, love for those who are such an integral part of my from those who are in my of my journey. Man, I love my life!!
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With the greatest love